Elimidrol – A Multi-Benefit Solution To Many Problems

There has been a rising trend on the supplement market with manufacturers creating formulas containing a combination of different ingredients instead of just packaging supplements individually. Some of these products are designed to target one specific issue like trouble sleeping or feeling fatigued. Other products are designed to tackle a broad spectrum of possible ailments.

One such product that is taking the market by storm is Elimidrol. Having just been released in November of 2013, it is a relative newcomer in the market space. However, it is quickly establishing a reputation as one of the best products on the market.

Elimidrol is manufactured in the United States and shipped worldwide by Sunrise Nutraceuticals, based out of Florida. It is available exclusively on their website and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product within 7 days of receiving it, they will offer you a 100% refund of the product purchase price.

ElimidrolAfter doing a quick search online, I could not find any complaints from anyone who had decided to return the product not being refunded as promised.

It is always good to see a company willing to stand behind its product. For the consumer, it is a no risk proposition.

Does It Work?

The most important question of course is does it work? Elimidrol aims to provide relief for stress, feelings of anxiousness, depressed moods, restlessness, trouble sleeping, and feeling fatigued, all while boosting your mood.

That is a tall order for one product to address all of those things, but looking at the ingredient profile, along with reviews around the web of people having great success using Elimidrol, it is pretty easy to see that it has the ability to work and is doing so for many people.

Think of it as your multi-vitamin for your mental health and well-being.

Elimidrol comes in both a Daytime and Nighttime formula, which of course makes sense. You don’t want to take something during the day that is trying to help with difficulty sleeping.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ingredients that make Elimidrol so potent.

In the Daytime formula you will find:

L-Tyrosine. This is a highly popular amino acid that is important in producing energy and combatting fatigue.

Asian Ginseng Root Extract. Known to help with mental clarity and immune system health.

Kava Kava Root Extract. A popular herbal supplement for relieving stress and promoting relaxation. It is becoming highly popular in North America.

Passionflower Herb. Common in North and South America as well as Europe. It is used today for treating anxiety and insomnia.

St. John’s Wort Aerial Parts. It’s use goes back thousands of years, but we are just starting to understand the mechanism by which it operates. It has long been used as a mood enhancer for those who suffer from occasional depressed moods or feelings of “the blues”. Also widely used in treating feelings of anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and for anyone having trouble with fluid retention.

Vitamin B12. This vitamin is important in maintaining our body’s energy level. Some consider it to be an energy booster, but research in that area has been inconclusive. A Vitamin B12 deficiency, however, is well known to cause fatigue and low energy levels. Those who have taken it and felt an energy boost, were likely suffering from a lack of enough B12 and perceived their energy levels returning to a normal state as a “boost”.

Ginger Root. It contains an anti-inflammatory substance that can help with muscle aches and soreness. Also is a popular remedy for indigestion and nausea.

In the Nighttime formula, you will find some of the same ingredients, such as:

Passionflower Herb.

Ginger Root.

Kava Kava Root Extract.

In addition, the Nighttime formula contains:

Chamomile Flower. Its use dates back centuries. In the United States, it is commonly found in teas. Popular for its ability to help with sleep and relaxation.

Valerian Root Powder. Commonly used for difficulty sleeping.

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA). GABA is an amino acid that is one of the primary inhibitory (calming) neurotransmitters in the brain.

Melatonin. This is one of the most popular supplements on store shelves today. Many have found it to be highly effective in helping them when a good night’s sleep seems elusive. It helps to regulate our body’s sleep and wake cycle.

These are just some of the ingredients you will find in Elimidrol, but as you can easily see you are really getting a bang for your buck with this product.


  • Ingredient Profile.
  • Price – Buying all of these ingredients separately would cost much more.
  • Effectiveness – It works.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Established manufacturer, well-known manufacturer.
  • Daytime and Nighttime Formulas for 24/7 support.


  • Flavor – Some people do not care for the taste, but it can be mixed with something other than water to alleviate that.
  • Not available in stores. Can only be purchased online.


Elimidrol is one of those rare products, in any market, that you can find which does exactly what it says it does. It’s ingredient profile is first-class. We cannot find another product that offers a list of ingredients that we can call its equal.

If you are looking for a mood boosting supplement, something to help you overcome intermittent feelings of anxiety or tension, or something to help you with that occasional restless night, look no further than Elimidrol.