Review of Happy Pills

Happy Pills is a dietary supplement which is advertised as a multi-benefit product. The manufacturer claims it is effective as a mood enhancer, but it does not possess the unwanted side-effects of other similar products or prescription medication. The manufacturer is Brain Pharma, a company claiming to specialize in producing supplements aimed to promote well-being.

Box of Happy PillsAfter a thorough search, we were unable to find any information about the background of Brain Pharma, its manufacturing facilities, or its headquarters. That, of course, should be a serious red flag for anyone thinking about trying a product like this.

Other claims the manufacturer makes about the product are that it is made of all-natural ingredients, it has the ability to increase libido, promote weight loss, and energize your body.

Does it work?

You will find people who have bought the product and claim it worked for them. However, I can say the same thing about diet pills, male enhancement products, and miracle cures for just about any ailment out there.

Could it work for some people? Maybe.

The primary ingredient in Happy Pills is 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan, which is commonly abbreviated as 5-HTP. It is a naturally occurring amino acid that scientists have determined to be a participant in our body’s production of two neurotransmitters: Melatonin and Serotonin. Serotonin is thought to be one of many chemicals involved in us experiencing feelings of happiness. It is also believed to decrease appetite and possibly promote weight loss. Melatonin plays a role in our body’s internal clock. The levels of melatonin vary throughout the day and night, adjusting our sleep cycle.

Folic Acid is also included in Happy Pills. It is a B vitamin that plays a role in brain development in pre and post-natal children. There is some research that points to mothers taking folic acid during pregnancy having an impact on their children’s emotional and behavioral development, but a lot more research is needed in this area.

What will folic acid do for you as a fully developed adult? Not much.

You will also find St. John’s Wort contained in Happy Pills. St. John’s Wort is a herbal extract that has been used throughout the world for thousands of years. It has long been believed to be effective in providing relief for occasional depressed moods, trouble sleeping, and intermittent feelings of anxiety, although the exact mechanism by which it does this is still not fully understood. Long-term use can cause restlessness, dizziness, headaches, and sometimes feelings of anxiousness, among other side-effects.

Another primary ingredient in Happy Pills is caffeine. While caffeine can produce a burst of energy, it does not provide the body with long-lasting energy throughout the day. It also can cause caffeine crashes and caffeine dependence. It is widely believed that the people who report a positive experience with Happy Pills are really just feeling the caffeine kick in and give them a quick pick-me-up.


  • It does contain some ingredients that can be useful for promoting feelings of happiness.
  • Inexpensive.*

*Although we list the price as a positive for the product, the saying, “You get what you pay for,” certainly applies here. While an ingredient like melatonin can help you to get a restful night’s sleep, which is certainly going to improve your mood, you could just buy those ingredients individually for cheaper rather than getting a product that only contains a precursor. Additionally, as we cover on this site, there are other products with better overall ingredient profiles. They might cost a little more, but the additional cost is certainly justified in their effectiveness.


  • Who the heck is Brain Pharma? Where are they from? Why can they not be found online?
  • Some customers have reported uncomfortable side effects.
  • Reviews are very mixed from customers, with many experiencing no benefits.
  • Happy Pills contain caffeine.


The overall ingredient profile in Happy Pills is underwhelming. For something advertising itself as a multi-benefit supplement, there are other products out there with a more exhaustive list of ingredients, which in turn will provide a lot more benefits than Happy Pills. The competitors do not just contain more ingredients, but better ingredients.

Even priced at about $35 per bottle, it just is not worth the money for this product.